Who Do You Think Will Bring it Home? Here are Our Predictions for The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

With the unexpected results of the group stages wreaking havoc on many online hacks and tips articles, this recent global sporting event has offered some of the most exciting football matches we have ever seen. Now that we have finally reached the knockout round of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the water is getting even murkier with all the titans up against each other. At this point, it is anyone’s game, really.

But no matter how stiff the competition may be, there can only be one winner. Here are a few of the teams that we think stand a chance of winning the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 championship.


Five-time champion Brazil remains the favourite for Qatar 2022. Despite the most humiliating loss in Russia, the Brazilians seem to have found their way back to the international stage once again. With Neymar back from injury and the talents around them, there is hope that Brazil may be the first team to make it to the semifinals! However, we are still cautious with Croatia playing the underdog and also bearing in mind that Brazil hasn’t made it to the final since winning the tournament in 2002.


The saying “If you beat France, you can win the World Cup” has started going around, after England manager Gareth Southgate admitted France is going to be the biggest test his team will face. This cannot be any further from the truth. The last world-champion team started out really strong in the knockout round. France’s key player Kylian Mbappe has said in the interview that he is in top shape and has said in the interview, that he is having the “competition of my dreams” after contributing two goals in France’s 3 – 1 against Poland. Will France win the World Cup in consecutive for the first time? It doesn’t seem seemed too far-fetched!


England has been dominating Qatar 2022 since it started off with Iran and Wales, cruising through the matches with scores of 6 – 2 and 3 – 0 respectively. With the success of replicating the same performance by sending Senegal home recently, it has been said that England will finally face their true hurdle against France in the quarterfinal. While they are very well aware of the uphill task, it wouldn’t be too smug for them to have the confidence to take on the world’s best. England is fully aware that France is heavily relying on Mbappe to carry the team through the matches. No matter who wins, we are in for a treat to witness these two giants sparring it out this Super Sunday.


As all-time goaler Cristiano Ronaldo aims to add another winning title for his country, his side will line up at the Lusail Stadium against the less favourite Switzerland in its round of 16 matches. However, the Portuguese team has already suffered a surprise defeat in Qatar over the weekend, after South Korea scored a last-minute goal. Now that the honeymoon phase is over, the shocking defeat may have woken up the tiger in everyone and they know they could not afford to make any more mistakes. After Cristiano Ronaldo is set to join Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr, will Portugal solidify his place in history by making a deep run in Qatar? We certainly think the team’s ambitious dream will set the stage on fire!

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Who Do You Think Will Bring it Home? Here are Our Predictions for The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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