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Play88 Online Casino Malaysia offers a diverse range of sportsbooks where sports fans can place their bets on their favourite sports and teams. With their wide selection of sportsbooks, including CMD 368, SBOBET, and M8BET, players can enjoy an exciting and rewarding sports betting experience. In this article, we will dive into the different types of sports betting available on Play88 Asia and how to place bets on popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and UFC.

Types of Sports Betting

Asian Handicap

Sports enthusiasts across Asia take part in sports betting activities, particularly Asian Handicap betting, to place wagers on football games. This type of betting is intended to level the playing field between two opposing teams by offering the underdog team a head start. The head start is expressed in terms of a handicap, implying that if a team has a handicap of +1, it will begin the game with a one-goal lead. If a team has a handicap of -1, it will start with a one-goal deficit.


Asia’s online betting sportsbooks make use of odds to determine the payout for a winning bet. Fractional, decimal, and American are the three formats in which odds can be displayed. The numerator represents the amount you could win, whereas the denominator represents the sum you need to invest in fractional odds. The number represents the complete payout, including the initial stake, in decimal odds. A negative number represents the favorite, and a positive number represents the underdog in American odds.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under sports betting is where you predict whether the total points scored in a game will be over or under the number set by the sportsbook. For example, let’s say the total for an NBA game between the Lakers and Celtics is set at 215.5 points. Bettors can then wager on whether they think the total points scored by both teams will be over or under 215.5 points.

Futures Betting

Futures betting involves wagering on the outcome of a future event, such as the winner of a championship or tournament. For example, before the start of the NFL season, you might bet on which team you think will win the Super Bowl. The odds for futures betting can change over time as the event draws closer and more information becomes available.

Futures betting can be risky because you have to wait a long time for the event to take place, and there are many factors that can affect the outcome. However, the potential payout for futures bets can be quite high, especially if you bet on an underdog team that goes on to win the championship.

It’s important to note that online future sports bets are usually not settled until the event is over, which means you could be tying up your money for several months or even longer. Additionally, the odds for futures betting can change rapidly depending on how the season or tournament is progressing, so it’s important to keep an eye on the odds and make your bets at the right time.

Sports Betting Strategies

Solid sports betting strategies are critical to a successful sports betting experience. Here are several popular strategies for sports betting that can be used to make wise choices when placing a wager:

Value betting

Search for opportunities where online sportsbooks offer higher odds than the actual probability of the event occurring.

Bankroll management

Manage your betting budget effectively and bet only a particular percentage of your bankroll on every wager.

Matched betting

Wager on every possible outcome of an event to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome.

Betting on Different Sports:


Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on globally, with various leagues and tournaments like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League providing ample betting opportunities. Players can place their bets on the outcome of the match, total goals, handicaps, and many other options.


Basketball is yet another sport frequently bet on, with the National Basketball Association (NBA) being the most popular league. In basketball, players can place their bets on the outcome of the match, total points, handicaps, and many other options.


Tennis is a well-known individual sport that provides several betting possibilities. Players can bet on the outcome of the match, set winners, total games, and many other choices.


Badminton is another individual sport that is popular in Asia. Players can wager on the match result, total points, and many other options in badminton.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has gained popularity in recent years as a popular combat sport. Players can bet on the winner, the method of victory, the round in which the fight will end, and several other options.


Sports betting is an exciting pastime enjoyed by sports fans worldwide. Play88 Online Casino Malaysia offers a wide range of sportsbooks, such as CMD 368, SBOBET, and M8BET, to offer players betting opportunities on their favorite sports and teams. By recognizing the various types of sports betting, odds, and strategies, sports enthusiasts can improve their chances of success when betting on popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and UFC. So, if you’re feeling lucky, why not put your sporting knowledge to the test and place your bets? Free to play at Play88 online casino.

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