The Best Christmas-Themed Slot Games You Should Play This Festive Season

If all you want for Christmas is to play slot games you may need to rethink your priorities! But, once you’ve wrapped all the presents and spent some precious time with your loved ones, get ready to game by your favourite couch!

We’ve got a treat for you. Five of them, in fact. The cosiest time of the year is just about the perfect time to play these 5 amazing Christmas slot games online! 

1. Sweet Bonanza Xmas

Have a bit of a sweet tooth and often fantasise about being in a winter wonderland? Sweet Bonanza Xmas might just be your match made in winter heaven! If you’ve played the original Sweet Bonanza you’ll definitely catch on quickly with this expanded Christmas version. Graphically, it looks somehow even sweeter than the original with its sleek snowy backgrounds and cool arctic night sky!

As for RTP, Sweet Bonanza Xmas has a good 96.51% which should keep most players happy as far as winnings go. Although it doesn’t have wild symbols, the cascading mechanic to get extra wins and the massive bonuses you can rack up with free spins make this a worthwhile slot game to get sucked into this holiday season.

2. The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a slot game based on the old Christmas tale “The Nutcracker And The Mouse King” (later further popularised by legendary composer Tchaikovsky). Those familiar with the story might be delighted to see characters such as the Nutcracker, the Mouse King, and Marie brought to life in gorgeous detail.

As far as gameplay goes, this game has a 95.97% RTP which is about average. Don’t scoff just yet, however, because this game also has a magnanimous free spin feature, get three or more of the Sugar Plum Fairy symbol and you’ll be rewarded with up to 30 free spins!

3. Santa’s Gifts

Santa’s Gifts is a slot game that really focuses on the Christmas celebration aspect of the holiday. Seriously, most of the slot symbols are basically gifts and festive decorations! Despite not incorporating any characters aside from Santa himself, the art direction and graphics are still extremely charming and quite novel!

Gameplay-wise, Santa’s Gifts was definitely created with the spirit of Christmas in mind as it comes with a very charitable 97% RTP. Additionally, it is also generous with its bonuses and free spins so all in all, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this game!   

4. Very Merry Christmas

Very Merry Christmas is a very cool slot game with slot symbols that include snowglobes, rocking horses, and other childhood Christmas delights. It truly brings us back to the time when we were but wee lads/lassies and couldn’t (legally) gamble yet. Well, now that we’re old enough, the toys we choose to play with may be different but the joy remains unchanged!

This festive-themed game has a clear, easy-to-pick-up layout that’s perfect for newbies. The graphics are all designed as if to invoke the feeling of being all warm, snug, and cosy at home during wintertime (which is the perfect time and place to play this game). Do note that the RTP is unfortunately slightly below average at 95.05% but the gameplay does more than make up for it. 

5. Christmas Carol Megaways

Christmas Carol Megaways is certainly an exercise in being less stingy, let Ebenezer Scrooge himself tell you! Indeed, this slot game incarnation of the classic Charles Dickens novella “A Christmas Carol” has a generous 96.50% RTP and you can start betting from as low as SGD 0.35!

Structurally, Christmas Carol Megaways does not differ from most other slot games. If you’re a slot game veteran you’d probably be in familiar territory. The artwork and graphics for this game feature characters and themes from the original story and are chillingly good. The developers have certainly captured the atmosphere of the thrilling, twisting Christmas tale from so many yuletides ago! 

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

It’s sure to be a jolly good time with all these wonderful slot games! Have you tried any of them yet? Register now at Play88 and be entitled to an amazing SGD 2,000 welcome bonus when you try out our online slot games!

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